Evolution of Fashion in a Century


Fashion is the most dynamic form representing society and its form in terms of cultural significance. Fashion worldwide has evolved in a century, and various historic key points brought changes in the fashion industry. Along with that, it moulds society in a certain manner. 

From the rise of fast fashion to the idea of tattoo culture, people are all frenzy about the latest new things the fashion industry brings us. Many are getting airbrush temporary tattoos in this decade, and it is now a popular means of promoting brands through the masses. 

This article will discuss how fashion has evolved throughout the century and the key marks that have brought the changes. 

The Roaring Twenties: Liberation and Flapper Fashion

The 1920s was a remarkable time as the idea of individuality and liberation were spreading across nations. For the first time, society was moulding where it gave women more freedom. 

Flapper fashion was introduced and characterized by drop-waist dresses, fringe and daring hemlines to mark that newfound freedom. In this post-World War 1 era, women started wearing drop-waist dresses after gaining greater independence and witnessing the change in the societal order. The cultural significance has made the fashion in such a manner which used to give women the boyish figure. 

New fabrics have also been introduced, and the latest flowing fabrics, such as silk and chiffon, were the most popular. It helped the people of that decade turned to make a more fluid and carefree movement, which gave them a new elegance. 

Swinging Sixties: Counterculture, youth Revolution and Mod fashion

The mod fashion of the 1960s had evolved from the vibrant change in society and has left an inedible mark on the world of style. The decade has been known for its fashion, which turned bolder and included pressing issues such as the spirit of the youth revolution and the cultural upheaval, which aims to break the shackles of the past. 

The dresses that were popular during that time were the mini-skirts and hemlines, and the designer Mary Quant popularised the idea of mini-skirt. The idea of bold images has also flourished through that time, and from this decade, the taboo behind tattoos has started to fade. 

In terms of fabrics, PVC and vinyl were integrated into the fabrics and clothes production became much cheaper with the advent of new chemicals, which shows the industry was innovating much faster. 

Minimalism and Globalization: 1990s to 2000s

The idea of casual dressing was on the rise during this period, and due to globalization, the designers were getting influenced by the range of styles and fashion. The idea of minimalism emerged due to the alternate culture, and through that, the rise of streetwear happened in this era. 

People are choosing to do minimalistic tattoos that conform to their identity, regarding temporary tattoos, airbrush tattoos in Orange County or at your location where you will get the desired tattoo. 

Therefore, it can be visible how fashion and perception of society have evolved in two decades and how the modern world is shaping society’s perceptions.

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